Questions & Answers

The aim of mantaTHAI is to respond to customer needs flexibly. No matter whether your muscles are tensed up or whether you need new energy for your job: You can count on us. In urgent cases you can ring for an appointment outside our opening hours. Via our modern reservation system you can schedule an appointment online or via smart phone at any time. We shall answer as soon as possible. Of course, you can always contact us by phone during opening times for further inquiries.

On your first visit we will kindly ask you to inform us about any diseases or handicaps. A massage is not possible with asthma, cardiovascular problems, eczema, open wounds, coughs and sneezes, influenza, fever, cancer, during menstruation or pregnancy.

Please do not drink alcohol or eat 45 minutes before the massage. For the massage you do not have to bring anything. We supply slippers, bath robe, towel and shower gel. Of course, you can use your individual items, too. Out of respect to other clients’ need for silence please turn off your mobile phone when entering mantaTHAI.

Please note that we only offer traditional Thai massage as listed on our homepage. We would like to point out that no erotic massages or special treatment is possible. If you have strong body aches, please consult your doctor. Our massages serve the purpose of relaxation. They cannot replace physical therapy.

We want you to relax with us! Therefore you can enjoy the silence after the massage. If you want to rest a little longer after your treatment, this will not be included in the duration of treatment. For the whole duration of your stay we offer tea, coffee and soft drinks for free. Of course, you can also relax and read the daily newspaper or magazines. If you want to get your massage simultaneously with your partner, it is possible. Our spacious rooms are equipped with two massage beds.

If you have to cancel your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible by phone or mail. If you will be late for more than 15 minutes please tell us, too.

The name of our massage studio was inspired by a cartilaginous fish which has been elegantly gliding through the tropical and subtropical sea for millions of years. Impressive because of its size – a manta has a fin spread of seven metres, a weight of three tons and a size of up to nine metres including its tail – it lives from plankton. Its skin resembling the feel of wet velvet, mantas follow their trajectory evenly and quietly in a depth of up to 150 metres. Mantas are a synonym for the balance between mind and body into which we want to bring you with our Thai massage treatment.


mantaTHAI traditional Thai massage

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Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm
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